Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Kids Out of Therapy for the Summer

Summer can be very kind to kids. They get to sleep in late, be lazy, and they have a lot less accountability. They don’t have to worry about homework, tests, social stressors, and extracurricular activities. Summer is usually pretty kind to parents as well. You don’t have to stay on top of their homework, school projects, or worry about getting them up and out the door in the morning.

Because of this, they are a lot less anxious, stressed and depressed. Miraculously our kids start feeling better. Why? Because they are doing so much better!  They are content, more upbeat, and maybe even more respectful. Because of the change of attitude and mood, the first thing parents usually do is to take them out of therapy. It seems like the right thing to do.  I get it.

We all know the summer slumber is short lived. The same stressors come roaring back right around the second six weeks of school when all emotional hell breaks loose again. I am sure you know the routine. Summer is the best time for treatment as they have the bandwidth and mental capacity to take in what is taught in therapy. They are not in crisis mode or emotionally vomiting from their latest stressor in every therapy session. We have time and energy to put into learning many skill sets for the upcoming school year and frankly skills they can carry with them throughout their life.

Therapy builds helpful thinking patterns and healthy behavior habits.  Keeping them in therapy will help those behaviors stay consistent.  A summer break can actually be detrimental. Set your kids up for success for the upcoming school year; keep them in therapy!